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Three crosses in sunset

It Is Finished | John 19: 28-30 | Part 1

It is finished | John 19: 28-39 | Part 1 of 4

It is finished | John 19: 28-39 | Part 1 of 4   We are going to embark on a four part study of the cross of Christ. Our focus will be on our English version words: “It is finished” which comes from one word in the original Greek: “tetelestai”.

There is a large segment of Christians whose walk with God looks like a roller-coaster on the timeline of living their life for Jesus. They more often than not base their relationship with Him on how “they feel”. This is most unfortunate as we believers are never told, not one time, to base our walk with God on how we feel on a particular day.

We must remember that our emotions are part of our DNA makeup. And these emotions makeup a considerable portion of man’s “body, soul and spirit”. Most Christians will agree when you explain to them that we live in a sin cursed body. And with their words they will agree that our DNA is also part of that curse which includes our emotions and or feelings.

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