Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations Part 3 of 3

Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations Here is the outline we have been working from:

Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations (Prov.6:1-5; 22:7).

I.) Performing A Self-induced Dilemma of Being Collateral for A Loan, vs.1-2.

      A) Being in the dilemma by being surety for a friend, vs.1a.

      B) Being in the dilemma by shaking hands with a stranger, 1b.

      C) Being in the dilemma by being snared by your financial agreement, vs.2.

II.) Perform A Self-Initiated Deliverance of Being Collateral for A Loan, vs.3-5. 

      A) Be persistent in delivering yourself in a humbling manner, 3b.

      B) Be persistent in delivering yourself in a hassling manner, 3c.

      C) Be persistent in delivering yourself in an hourly manner, 4.

      D) Be persistent in delivering yourself in a hurriedly manner, 5.

                1) Be in a hurriedly manner delivering yourself as a buck from a  hunter, vs.5a.

                2) Be in a hurriedly manner delivering yourself as a bird from a hawker, vs.5b.

III.) Perform A Sure Determination Not to Borrow Loans from Others (Prov. 22:7).

       A) The bountiful rule over the lacking, 7a.

      B) The borrower is slave to the lender, 7b.

III.) Perform A Sure Determination Not to Borrow Loans from Others          (Prov. 22:7).

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

  1. A) The bountiful rule over the lacking, 7a.
  2. B) The borrower is slave to the lender, 7b.

Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations  The comment I want to make concerning this text concerns the word borrower in the second half of this verse. The word comes from the Hebrew word lavah. It has two different connotations depending on the context it is used in. One is being a borrower or one who goes into debt of another. The other meaning has the idea of joining.

To be joined closely to another! Joining yourself to another. Isn’t that what we do when we borrow money from someone else? We join or attach ourselves to the person, bank or finance company that we borrow from. We become their “interest bearing slave” don’t we? The loaner becomes our financial master. You don’t think so? Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations

Be late on a payment and your master will punish you with a late fee, will he not? Miss a couple of payments and see what happens next. He will threaten you with emails and legal notices that you need to pay up or???

Give you a bad rap on your credit report which will cost you money. You will pay more for any type of insurance when your credit history is questionable to bad!
You will pay higher interest rates on any type of loan then those with good credit histories. Your financial master might cancel your credit card, take you to court, you name it. Why? Because the borrower is financially enslaved to the lender!

We get the gist don’t we? We understand the vivid picture King Solomon has painted for us. It is not hard to understand these illustrations from nature and man’s attainment of it. The bottom line is for us not to make unwise financial obligations on behalf of other people. And... if we do, then we are to move heaven and earth to pry apart the trap that we have ensnared ourselves in.

America is a nation of debt. Americans continue to pile heaps of loans on the unclimbable and unpayable mountain of debt. As God’s children we should do everything we can to get out of debt. God’s children should be different in a better way than the rest of the country. My advice to us is for us to not only not sign for loans for others, but to rid ourselves of as many loans and debt that we can.



My father used to say that sooner or later you have to pay the piper. He also said that it will cost a whole lot more paying him later then sooner. It will be much easier and cheaper to pay on the front end then it will be on the back end. Make no mistake: sooner than we think, our nation’s loans are going to be called in. Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations

Stop and think what will happen when there isn’t any more money for our country to borrow? What is going to happen to all the people, and there are a bunch of them, that are on government taxpayer’s money for livelihood when there isn’t any more? No more auto deposits, no monthly checks, no food cards, no handouts and no paychecks for government employees, nada, nada, nada.

The financial forecast for this country is cloudy at best with hurricane force winds of chaos more than likely. Work fast, work hard to get out of debt. Do it today, do it now. Get out of debt. Start by paying off the smallest debt you have. Then, take the money from the payments of that debt and apply them to the next biggest debt you have and so on and so forth.

Stick your credit cards in a sealed envelope in your freezer. Every time you think you have to use one you will have to go into the frozen frost of your freezer. This will remind you of the cold hard facts of using a credit card brings nothing but financially, teeth chattering cold, hard debt!!! You can do it. With God’s help and your determination, you can be free from the slavery of debt. Take God’s advice, His is always the best to live by! MKR

This has been part three of a three-part series. I hope you found it inspiring and helpful with your walk with Jesus.  Let’s go to church this Sunday. These are certainly troubling and uncertain times that we live in. From the ever growing national debt, to corrupt, lying, greedy politicians, extremist’s terrorists, slipping moralities to God only knows what’s next. I never in my wildest dreams thought there would be a national debate over sex gender and bathrooms! I don’t remember when people had such a low opinion and dismal outlook about our country and where it is headed. Very few people that we come in contact with on a daily basis have a very positive attitude.  Do Not Make Unwise Financial Obligations

Both born from above and the un-regenerate, very few! This great nation of ours is on a speeding train of declination. The train is on a track to degradation and she is picking up steam: fast! Ole Uncle Sam needs a revival. From the president and his administration in the White house right down to the kid behind the counter at McDonald's. We need a fresh awakening from the Holy Spirit of God. America needs another outpouring of the Holy Ghost as was experienced by the first century Church.

Harbor Baptist Church

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Come join our pastor, our church and me in praying for revival. Won’t you join me today and start by carrying ourselves and our loved ones to church. I need church, you need church, your family needs the Church! If you are in the Clay county area of North Florida come worship with us at Harbor Baptist church located on the corner of Clay Street (1120) & US Hwy 17, Fleming Island, FL. We are located just to the right of Corky Bell’s Seafood restaurant. Morning worship is at 10:30 and we meet Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Better yet, come join our group for Bible study with the adults. I lead the adult class entitled: “Harbor Haven, for pairs and spares”. (For couples and singles) We meet @ 9:14 in the main room of the education building. This is the building located right next to the church. We would love for you to come and fellowship with us around the Word of God. And feel free to bring a guest. Whether you attend the worship service or choose not to, we hope to see you for Bible study!
We pride ourselves with being a smaller church with the big difference. I don’t believe you will find another fellowship of believers who have a greater love for God and as a result of His love for us, we have love for one another. You’ll find me and my family there, come visit, both you and our church will be glad that you did!

I am happy to speak on behalf of our Lord Jesus Christ in the North Florida area. I am a conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist teacher whose doctrinal beliefs align with those of the Southern Baptist Convention. My doctrinal views are listed in the menu section of this site. If your pastor is sick, has a sudden emergency or needs a vacation, I am happy to fill in for him. You can contact me by email at:



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