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Former Chairman of the Board
of Best Buy Golf Carts

Quick facts

  • Has served as founder and operator Of Best Buy Golf Carts since 2010
  • Has served as founder and operator Of Best Buy Golf Cart Rentals since 2011
  • Has served as CEO of Allen’s Auto Electric since 1992
  • Prior to founding Best Buy Golf Carts, formed Accutrue Enterprises, LLC
  • Managing operator of Accutrue Enterprises since 2005
  • Holds a BD and a bachelor of science from Liberty University (Va.)
About Michael K. Rosenbarker

Mr. Michael K. Rosenbarker founded Best Buy Golf Carts with an objective to have the best golf cart super store in their demo-graphical market. His philosophy has been to provide accurate service and quality products at a fair price to the consumer! A respected  individual in the industry,  Rosenbarker has never been afraid to take chances. One of his favorite quotes is “you’ll never pick the fruit holding on to the tree trunk. You have to go out on a limb to enjoy the fruit”.

Through his vision and passion, Rosenbarker helped build Best Buy Golf Carts  from a start-up into one of the area’s largest golf cart dealerships.

Rosenbarker  has served as CEO of the two companies since their founding as well as the same with Accutrue Enterprises (Real Estate Co.). Prior to this he has held several supervisory management positions at companies such as B&H Electric, All Star Electric & OTGH Transportation Div.

While working his way through school at night,  Michael K. Rosenbarker graduated with honors making the Dean’s list on multiple semesters. He holds a 2 year degree in Biblical Studies and a bachelor of science in the area of family counseling. He holds both degrees with Magna Cum Laude honors.

Converted to Christianity in 1983, saved on a Thursday evening and returned for baptism by immersion the next night at North Jacksonville Baptist Church, then on Pearl st, Jax., Fl Surrendered to the ministry and studied and graduated from Liberty Bible Institute and Liberty University. Married to his wife Kimberly and father to Johnathan his son and Grace his daughter. Conservative American, loving family man and a servant of Jesus Christ.

I enjoy the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ and do so for a love offering of whatever God provides through His children. I am available to speak in the North Florida area within vehicle traveling distance.

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